Effect Handler Oriented Programming

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Effect handlers allow programmers to define, customise, and compose a range of crucial programming features ranging from concurrency to probability, inside the programming language. EHOP will develop a radical new programming paradigm called Effect Handler Oriented Programming (or EHOP for short). EHOP will empower software developers to build modular interactive software, enabling the development of safe, secure, and reliable applications. As well as developing the theory and practice of effect handler oriented programming, EHOP will add effect handlers to systems as diverse as WebAssembly, the new target language for the web, and Hack, the language in which the Facebook app is written.

EHOP is led by Sam Lindley at The University of Edinburgh and is funded by a £1.45M UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (MR/T043830/1) between February 2021 and January 2025.

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If you are interested in applying for a PhD relating to EHOP then contact Sam Lindley.


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