EHOP Workshop 2023

The Burn

The EHOP (effect handler oriented programming) workshop takes place from Thursday July 20 to Saturday July 22, 2023 at The Burn. This informal workshop will be centred around the themes of the EHOP project.

The Burn is an idyllic country house in the Scottish highlands situated on the banks of the North Esk river, providing an entry to the spectacular Glen Esk. It serves as a holiday accommodation and as a retreat for academic meetups.

Travel information

Most attendees will take the train from Edinburgh to Montrose on Thursday (Edinburgh Waverley 13:30--15:48 Montrose) and in the opposite direction on Saturday (Montrose 16:48--18:31 Edinburgh Waverley). You'll need to buy your own train tickets (either online or from the station). We've hired a bus to connect with these trains: Thursday leaving Montrose Station at 16:00; Saturday leaving The Burn at 15:45.



The programme consists of a series of talks and discussion groups.

The following talks were delivered during the meeting.

Friday July 21, 2023

Saturday July 22, 2023


The organisers of the EHOP workshop (and also amongst the participants) are If you have any questions please contact an organiser via email ({first.lastname}


The EHOP workshop 2023 is sponsored by the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (MR/T043830/1) grant.